After 10 years in the capacity of a freelance proof-reader/copyeditor, it was time to take the plunge and so I setup Behan Editing. Assignments were mainly proofreading in the initial years but through the years translation projects have become the mainstay of my workload.

The time of regular working-hours is long gone. No more 9-5, weekends off and such like. First internet and email made contact easier and quicker, nowadays Skype has added a whole new meaning to the word available. With all this in mind Behan Editing was formed to offer businesses both large and small a way to help ease their workload and relieve the pressures on their deadlines. As such Behan Editing works evenings, weekends and feast days to get the job done. No assignment is too large or too small.

Contracts, websites, letters, articles, forms and yes, even emails. With the English language playing a major role in the business world, it is increasingly important that your English is correct and to the point. Consider Behan Editing a helping hand around the office for when things are getting on top of you. For more information click on Behan Editing for my brochure.
How can Behan Editing help you?

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